How Can I Help?


Feral City 4 Feral Kitties would not be able to operate without the help of our volunteers with a love for cats. We are always seeking new volunteer s to assist with the following tasks:

*Fostering- We always need volunteers willing to open their home to care for a kitty during their transition

* Transportation- Some of our kitties need a ride to their medical appointments 

*Fundraising events- Our organization holds several fundraiser events throughout the year and will need help setting up 

*Crafty Cat Lovers- Have a hobby? Donate a craft for one of our fundraisers

Our wish list

wet and dry food

kitten food

kitten formula

bottles for feeding



litter boxes

litter scoops


laundry detergent

disinfectant wipes

cleansing wipes for messy kitties



paper towels

cat trees

scratching posts


revolution (medication can be purchased by a veterinary office)